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You pack 'em We Ship 'em

We are a family operated business offering Balikbayan Box Services to the Philippines. We are based in Central Oklahoma to provide the maximum possible reach throughout the state and we offer our services in the surrounding areas of Oklahoma City, Midwest City, Moore, Tinker AFB, Norman, Shawnee, Yukon, Enid, Tecumseh, Choctaw, Lawton, Altus and Texhoma.

Our prices are very competitive and very fair. We also believe that you should feel comfortable with the people and/or business you are dealing with. Ask around with your friends or relatives and compare who they are using for their Balikbayan Boxes and you will see that our prices are very reasonable and very competitive.

Ask around and the fact that you found us on the web is because of our Number 1 service. We attain this goal because of one simple mentality: Help Filipinos send the boxes to their loved ones in the Philippines. This means, whenever possible, providing you with the best and strongest boxes possible. Delivering the boxes to you. Picking up the boxes direct from your home. And most of all....keeping our prices the very best in the entire State of Oklahoma.

We can be reached most of the time via telephone, email and even text messages. Most of the time our customers just sends us a Text to inform us that they need a box or two and then text us again a few days later to inform us that the boxes are ready for pickup. We will coordinate a suitable time that is convenient for both of us and we will come to you to pick it up. If by chance your home is over an hour or so away, then we can coordinate a link up point in between or come to some agreement for the cost of gas. Either way, we will do our very best to make sure you're appropriately accommodated.

We are very accommodating and if you go to the numerous Filipino gatherings around the Central Oklahoma Area, you will most likely hear that the Filipinos send and ship their boxes to the Philippines through the Pearl of the Orient.

You are most welcome to meet with us first before using our services.

We now offer shipping of other large items or bulky items such as Wheelchairs, LCD TVs, and even bicycles. The cost will depend on a case by case basis, depending on the size and item. So ask first and we can provide you with the cost to ship your particular item. Most Filipinos find it better and cheaper to buy for example an LCD or even an LED flat screen TV here in the United States and sending it back to their loved ones in the Philippines, rather than purchasing one over there at approximately the cost of $80000- $100,000 pesos. Do the research yourself and you will see that it is true. As an example if you purchased a 42inch LCD TV (which cost an average of around $370) and add on the $200 charge for shipping it, that is a total of $570. Contact your love ones at home and ask them the going price in the Philippines for a 42inch LCD TV. And in case you are wondering where to get these TVs and other items for such a low price... I gladly share it with you here: Dealnews.com website. Dealnews.com website is where you'll find and buy the best priced items, especially TVs and other items . Remember our job is to help ALL Filipinos send their love ones items that they need and will enjoy.

Now some of you might be wondering about the voltage issue and whether you'll need to get a transformer or not. YOU ABSOLUTELY DO NOT NEED A TRANSFORMER! Keep this in mind, most LCDs and LED TV now are "Multi-Voltage". If you are not sure, then just look at the specifications or even on the back of the TVs by the power cord. If it says something like "120v-240v" then it is multi-voltage and you do not need a transformer or any type of modifications. If you need assistance on this area, we will gladly help you.

"Keep an open mind!"