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Best price in Oklahoma

We provide the best service of shipping boxes to the Philippines. We don't discriminate whether you want to ship your balikbayan boxes to greater Manila area, Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao... it matters not. The price is the same and we will charge a flat rate for your balikbayan box. By using a flat rate, we are able to pass on the savings to everyone. We don't charge you extra for the box, like some other companies do. The box is included in the flat rate cost that includes picking up the balikbayan box from your home or business. While we know that we can't make everybody happy, we believe that by shipping your balikbayan boxes with us, it will afford you with the best value and service. Give us a call or text and we will give you a definite price. Again it depends where you live.

We have one size for our balikbayan boxes. It has a dimension of 28 1/4" x 17" x 18 1/4" and it is constructed of very strong and doublewall cardboard. It will be wire banded for extra protection before it is placed inside the cargo containers on the ship. Look in our picture gallery and you will see the boxes as they are when it is empty and also when they are banded.

We have the ability to ship LCD or even LED TVs to the Philippines. But not Plasma or the old type CRT TVs.. you all know those big ones about the size of a small couch. We will not ship those... Shipping the LCD and/or LED TVs are totally different and very safe. But in order to ship them...they will have to be in the original manufacturer's box that they were packaged in. All we ask is that you "DO NOT ADD" anything extra inside of the box. For example: clothes, candy, etc... it will just damage the TV. Now for the price? Simple... LCD or LED TVs from 22" up to 42" in screen size == $200 For LCD or LED TVs from 44" up to 55" in screen size == $300

We have also sent electric wheelchairs for handicap relatives in the Philippines. Bicycles and even Washers and Dryers.

If you have had experiences shipping boxes, specially balikbayan boxes to the Philippines and have even searched the internet, you will find that our prices are one of the most competitive and reasonable prices around in the State of Oklahoma. We keep it that way because we reduce our overhead cost and pass on these savings to our loyal customers.

We take great pride in our service, especially when shipping boxes to the Philippines. And we place an even greater value to our customers. That is why we will gladly pick up the Balikbayan boxes from your location, FREE OF CHARGE! But do keep in mind, there are some limitations, for example if you quite a ways away and live over an hour or two away from us. Contact us and we will make some sort of arrangements if you live way out there. When you get a chance, please go to youtube and check out our video. Just click on the link to the right... Balikbayan Box Service Video

Balikbayan Itemization Inventory Sheet in PDF Format The PDF version is the best one to use.

Balikbayan Itemization Inventory Sheet in MS Word Format

Read the latest changes in sending Balikbayan Boxes as mentioned by the Philippines Bureau of Customs


"You've found the best Balikbayan Box Service in the entire State"
- updated 3Aug2017 -

We are the best in the State of Oklahoma!