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You won't be dissapointed

Just a few examples of some of the Balikbayan boxes that we have shipped in the past. Take a look at the various ways the Balikbayan boxes are taped. From experience both ours and feedback from our customers, we strongly discourage taping your balikbayan boxes with duct tape, cloth tape or tape that is noted below. Due to the adhesive backing of these tapes, they quite often do come loose. The reasoning could be from the heat, from lack of friction of the surface, the weather, how it is applied..... whatever the reason, we highly discourage it. Instead we highly encourage that when you tape your Balikbayan Boxes to send to the Philippines, that you use clear packing tape or the tan colored tape. They are very good and you can get these easily enough at any office supply store, Walmart, Harbor Frieght, even at the Base Exchange. Most usually buy them from eBay as it is alot cheaper. Look for one that is at least classified as 2mil thick. 3mil thick clear tape or higher is better.

Remember these are gifts to your love ones in the Philippines and invest just a little bit more in using the proper taping materials to properly secure the Balikbayan Boxes. We will guarantee deliver, you can count on that, but in the process we don't want to send boxes that are not wrapped well, it's like using one of your Samsonite luggage, but not properly closing the lid.

Taking time to properly secure the boxes saves all of us the unwanted headaches of unfortunate issues with the Balikbayan Boxes. This is your time to relax!!!

I certainly welcome any comments on how I can better present the items here or if there's something we need to improve...do let me know.

"The Pearl of the Orient"
Balikbayan Boxes
We take pride in our service All our boxes are banded again for double security Taped and banded
Tape like these tend to not stick properly The adhesive is not that good Don't use plastic wrap like this either
Our Sturdy Balikbayan Box Size is 28 1/4" X 17" X 18 1/4" Invoice number written for easy tracking
Balikbayan Box empty These are good sized boxes Plenty of room inside, so don't think they're small
Loading Balikbayan Boxes to Trailer Headed to the ship soon Invoice numbers are for tracking boxes
Balikbayan wrapped with paper tape Highly discouraged. Hard to write the invoice number on it Properly wrapped with paper tape
Ship similar to how the Balikbayan boxes are placed on 40 foot container Balikbayan Boxes are secured in Coming off. Reason why this tape not recommended.
Adhesive on duct tape is not very good This one is not too bad All our boxes are banded again for double security
Various Tapes people have used Best Tape to use 3mil thick Clear Tape Save yourself the headache and don't use these
Good tan colored and clear 3mil thick tape Best Tape to use 3mil thick Clear Tape 46" LCD TV being banded for shipment
Another LED TV being banded Best Tape to use 3mil thick Clear Tape TVs shipped only in it's original box
Yes...TVs do arrive safely and unbroken Another TV ready to go Send items that's hard to get in the PI
Medical monitoring equipment From a government liquidation site Knick-Knacks and Candy Stuff
Medical monitoring equipment again Nice folding handcart from Lowe's comes in handy on the farm Banded Boxes arrived safely in PI
Alot of Filipinos send these Send books that you may need Religious Books are popular also
Missionaries love to send books like these Charles Dickens books are also popular Ensure formula for the elderly
Perfect for your ailing grandmother Give them these hard to get personal aides Send them all the Goodies they want!
Kids love to play with these electric flyswatters These are great to send home to Elnido
Batangas Chocolate Rice Terrace Kalayaan
Luneta Park Mall of Asia Manila Bay
Mayon Volcano We will make sure your box arrives home! Tagaytay

Just to give you an idea of how some of the boxes as shipped. Do not worry....no matter how you "SECURE" your Balikbayan boxes, we will send your boxes to the Philippines. We just recommend that you tape up your boxes with the best tape that you can possibly use. With the Tan colored or clear 3mil thick tape being the best. If you can't find the 3mil thick tape, 2mil thick is just as good, just overlap it.

Again, please do not use saran tape around your boxes. We know you mean to protect it from pilferage and from someone trying to open it. Employee from the Pearl of the Orient will ever open your box. The tape just interferes with us writing the invoice/tracking number on it and besides, once that "CLEAR SARAN TAPE" gets caught or cut...it's done for and it will start unraveling and of course...it just delays the box delivery because the invoice number came off of it.

Remember "WE BAND THE BOXES", so you do not need to do it yourself. While we do appreciate it, some of our customers have bought banding materials and banded their own boxes. The only problem is that the banding they use has a metal clip on the end that when we stack the boxes on top of each other...it cuts into the boxes that it is stacked on. So please do not band it with those clips.

Pictures above just shows and gives you various ideas of some of the things our customers send to their love ones. From survival cords, to door knobs, chocolate candy (be careful as they like to melt in the summber), medical equipment, TVs, canned goods, commissary items, power tools, and other household stuff. Send your love ones, especially the elderly, things that helps them like metamucil. Fiber supplements, Ensure formulas, even $2 electric fly swatters that you get from Harbor Freight...kids love to play with these. Or even foldable and portable handcarts to help them on the farm.

The following are and will not be shipped:

  • Illegal items
  • Contraband items
  • Internal Car and Motorcyle parts
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Dangeous Materials
  • Guns
  • Knives
  • Ammunition
  • You can ship the items listed below, however we "HIGHLY" and very much discourage it. We will guarantee delivery, but if the items inside are damaged, that is not our fault.

  • Liquid items
  • Very sensitive stuff like computer items
  • Laptops
  • Money
  • Sensitive or Legal Documents
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